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Artist Sergio Cabrera becomes a painting himself for SDPIX

Sergio Cabrera is the focus of this month's issue of SDPIX Magazine.
Photo credit:
Rikke Ellis-Bahena - SDPIX

This summer we wrote a profile on up-and-coming artist Sergio Cabrera. His works are quickly becoming more and more recognized in the community and the popularity of his paintings continues to grow. But this month he is on the opposite side of the canvas 

SDPIX used the 32-year-old as their cover and centerfold model in this year's October issue, “It was really cool!" Sergio says, "I didn't even know there was a photography studio next to #1 on Fifth!”

He is not really used to the attention, but it was definitely a great experience he says, especially with the photographer, “Rikke Ellis-Bahena met us outside and took us to his studio and was very welcoming to both of us I had a great time and I didn't feel rushed at all.”

 Halloween is one of Sergio's favorite holidays so he was definitely onboard for this special issue. Especially because he did his own makeup and he could go crazy, “I brought my A-game.”

Sergio's face painting is reminiscent of  Van Gogh’s impressionistic masterpiece “The Starry Night."

Added to that, some of his nuances pay homage to someone very close to his heart. He says you can see this more on his centerfold partner Nick Eiter's face. 

“Nicks makeup was inspired by my late mother's love of flowers and gardens so I did a messy old-school paint style signifying a garden.”

But he wanted to get little more bewitching in honor of the season and that is why his own face looks more like a dark forest witch, "she is putting a spell on the muse," he said. 

As for his popularity since the publication of our first article, that also has fans spellbound. He is getting more recognized. Paintings are already being purchased before he can make them.

“A lot more people come up to me when I visit San Diego," he says. "They tell me how much they love my art and I've also been selling a lot more of my paintings lately.”

That means he is busy doing what he loves. Sergio is currently working on a couple of commissioned pieces.

Perhaps inspired by his recent stint as a SDPIX model, he is taking time to master something else. 

“I really wanna get into more makeup stuff like get an airbrush machine and learn how to do special effects makeup and push myself as I do with my paintings," he said. “So yeah, let's see how makeup thing goes!”

This is the perfect time of year for him to practice too, he says he has to stock up on materials. 

"I'm always pretty busy doing people's makeup. My fave time of the year!”

You can take a look at Sergio's time in front of the camera on SDPIX by clicking HERE.