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'Shirtless Violinist' plays tribute to Judy Garland

The Shirtless Violinist plays "Over the Rainbow" on a lush mountainside.
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The Shirtless Violinist - YouTube

The Shirtless Violinist has not only taken on the beauty of the song “Over the Rainbow,” but the beauty of nature as well.

In this latest video, against the backdrop of forested mountains and a lazy river, one of our favorite topless classical musicians plays Judy Garland's trademark song from “The Wizard of Oz.”

Known as the “Shirtless Violinist,” Matthew Olson often uses famous scenes or landmarks to display his talent and people are taking notice, he has already amassed quite a following

His YouTube channel has over 113,000 subscribers and that number continues to grow with every unique video he releases. 

From Les Misérables to Beauty and the Beast, this violinist knows how to pull at the heartstrings.

Check out his latest below along with the “Beauty and the Beast” video containing a drag twist.