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Out & About with Jinx Mirage: The tale of 'Top Of The Bay,' a 'Sinful' farewell and The Annual AIDS Walk

So much fun stuff to do this week and Jinx Mirage has all the details in "Out & About."
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"Top of the Bay" at the Porto Vista Hotel

Hello, San Diego, I’m Jinx Mirage your Hillcrest Socialite and I’m here to tell you a little story about what’s going on this weekend in Hillcrest. 

So take a seat and get comfortable for this story starts on a starry California night on September 28. 

When a Simpson came to Town

Once Upon a time in a Piano/Stage Bar called Martinis Above Fourth a two-time top honors CBS star search winner came to bring his powerful high tenor voice to the great people of Hillcrest. 

"Jake Simpson in The Standard” was the name of his show.

Now he has sung, written and performed with a multitude of artists including Grammy Award-winning songwriter Desmond Child, American Idol finalists David Archuleta, Syesha Mercado and Grammy Award-nominee Adam Lambert, NBC’s The Voice finalist Frenchie Davis.

So come out for a night and relax as this modern day music man takes you on a magical ride. See link for ticket and reservation info. 

The Return Of Will & Grace 

One day a long long time ago in a decade not too much like this one, came the story of Will & Grace. A sitcom to air on NBC about a gay lawyer and his interior designer best friend Grace. And how they lived, laughed and loved in a fabulous New York apartment. 

Well, it’s been 11 years and Will, Grace, Jack and Karen are back to bring you laughs like only they can. This Thursday come by Uptown Tavern as they air the new season of Will & Grace at 9 pm

Themed Cocktails, Food Specials and 15 TVs with sound. Hosted by Eileen Bowman Karen Walker impersonator. Come see what the whole gang has been up to. 

When the Sinful Dames Said Farwell 

There once were these Fierce Drag Queen sisters Kicky Vixen, Bebe Gunn, Dayamis Styles, Ruby Dee and Shania Satisfaction. And they started one of the best drag shows in Hillcrest, The Sinful Dames

The show had great success so they added more fabulous queens Keex Rose, Saoirse Glam, and Evenlyn Rose. And they continued to entertain the people of Hillcrest. But sadly even shows of great success come to an end. 

This Thursday, September 28 all of the Sinful Dames have come back to say farewell one last time. The show will start at 9:30 pm sharp at Rich’s Nightclub with the doors opening at 9 pm. 

Come say your last goodbyes to those beautiful, sexy, fierce and cunty Sinful Dames. 

DJ on the Rooftop

As summer comes to an end and fall makes it way in, as the sun comes down early to say goodnight.......Well, that’s all well and good but we gays still like to party. 

Make sure you check out one of the last “Top Of The Bay” presented by SDPIX. This rooftop party has been kicking off Friday nights all summer and will be coming to a close. 

So come hang with DJ Taj and an amazing staff of bartenders as you enjoy the views, the company and hopefully the guy you just picked up. See link for shuttle info. 

We walk and run for a cure

It’s that time of year when we San Diegans take time and remember those we love, lost and help to fight against HIV/AIDS.

On Saturday, September 30, 2017, individuals, teams, social clubs, local businesses, schools, universities, and faith organizations from all over San Diego will come together for AIDS Walk/Run

We gather to remember the many who were lost to AIDS and to raise vital funds to support all of the San Diegans living today with HIV disease. See link to register. 

Sold-out Red Dress Party San Diego will give back to the community

This time every year gays from all across Southern California come to San Diego for a party unlike any other in San Diego. 

Red Dress Party San Diego* is a night of music and dancing mixed with charity and fun, where all attendees – and we mean everyone – is required to wear a red dress, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. 

This serves both as a powerful sign of solidarity and compassion for those affected by HIV/AIDS and a way to unite the crowd in one radiant theme. At this unique celebration, we invite everyone to be brave, let loose, and celebrate impact.

Trust me this is a fundraising gala unlike any you have been too. So if you're lucky enough to find a ticket, throw on a red dress and some rouge and dance the night away. 

*The Red Dress Party is sold out. 


For those who remember the Tale Of Dildo Bingo, then you’ll know how the tale of “Naughty/Knotty Bingo with a Twist” goes. 

At Rich’s Nightclub October 4, check out a great cause raising money for Trans Family Support Services and A Woman's Voice an annual conference for women living with HIV.

When Latrice Royale Met Jinx Mirage 

This past Friday I got to sit down The Drag Race All-star herself Latrice Royale and see what she has been up to:

Jinx Mirage: So Latrice after being on Season four of Drag Race and season 1 is Drag Race Allstars what is next for the fabulous Latrice Royale? 

Latrice: "I have been very busy as you know touring the world. And then I have been producing my one-woman show 'Here is to Life and Life Goes On' and that's doing very well. I also just completed doing a short film called Marabu, which will be out next year. And I have a new song coming out which you get the exclusive cause this is the first time I’m telling anyone out loud. The new song will be 'Excuse the Beauty.'"

You read it’s here first exclusive Latrice new track coming soon. “Excuse the Beauty”. I remember when 'Weight' came out and I performed that track and made my coins hunny." 

"Well hunny you are gunna make some more coins with this track." 

Thank you Latrice for your time and giving us the exclusive. 

When Flicks Celebrated 34-years 

Last Friday I got to catch up with a few Flicks patrons and ask them their favorite memories of Flicks. Now if you followed our Snapchat you would have seen them. But since I saved them all you can find them this week on the Insta for SDPIX

The entire evening was a blast and turned out to be such a great night. Between the hosted bar and all the hottest on the bar. There wasn’t a dry mouth in sight.

Just wanna say thank you to Jeff Jackson and the rest of the Flicks staff for putting in such a great party.

Well, that’s all the time we have today boys and girls. Make sure you come back next week for more stories of Hillcrest and the gays that live there.

If you didn’t like the stories I spoke about today, see the list below for even more events in Hillcrest this weekend. 

I’m Jinx Mirage and Gays lived happily ever after...........Until Tryon asked to be in an open relationship and Minx wasn’t having it.

Goodnight kids

Other fun stuff to do this week:


Thursday Special at Crest Cafe

San Diego Restaurant Week

Happy Hour at #1 Fifth Ave.

Happy Hour at the San Diego Eagle

Thursdays at San Diego Eagle

Dining with the Divas at Lips

Flicker at Flicks

Will & Grace Viewing Party at Flicks

Lez at Rich's


San Diego Restaurant Week

Happy Hour at #1 Fifth Ave.

Fridays on Fifth at Babycakes

Free Pizza Fridays at Flicks

Happy Hour at the San Diego Eagle

Fridays at San Diego Eagle

Glitz & Glam at Lips


San Diego Restaurant Week

Happy Hour at #1 Fifth Ave.

Glitz & Glam at Lips

The Underwear Show at Flicks

Taboo - The Forbidden Show at Lips


Sunday Dragalicious Gospel Brunch at Lips

San Diego Restaurant Week

Happy Hour at #1 Fifth Ave.

Sunday Beer Bust at Flicks

Sundays at The San Diego Eagle

Church at Babycakes

Stripper Circus at Rich's

Karaoke at Flicks


Monday Special at Crest Cafe

Happy Hour at the San Diego Eagle

Mondays at San Diego Eagle

Karaoke at Flicks

House Nation Presents CREAM Takeover at Rich's


Tuesday Special at Crest Cafe

Tuesday All-Day Happy Hour at Flicks

Happy Hour at the San Diego Eagle

Tuesdays at San Diego Eagle

Turnback Tuesdays at Lips

Ann Hampton Callaway in Feminine Persuasion: Ann Hampton Callaway Celebrates Women Songwriters at Martinis Above Fourth

Karaoke at Flicks


Wednesday Special at Crest Cafe

Happy Hour at the San Diego Eagle

Wednesdays at San Diego Eagle

Bitchy Bingo at Lips

Pictionary Night at #1 Fifth Ave.

Ann Hampton Callaway in Feminine Persuasion: Ann Hampton Callaway

Welfare Wednesdays featuring DJ Will Z. at Flicks

Mischief at Rich's

Last week’s events

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