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Horror movie campaign has blood donation ban message

Amanda Lepore is the face of blood drive for new "Jigsaw" movie.
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The Saw franchise is gearing up to release the eighth installment of its popular horror series, Jigsaw, and along with that comes their traditional blood drive for free tickets, but this year they are taking a more political stance.

As in the past, Lionsgate and filmmakers are using nurses to promote the drive, however, their cause is two-fold this time around. The first of course is to get people to donate blood, and the second is to bring awareness to gay men who can’t.

Currently, gay men are not allowed to give blood because of guidelines put into place during the AIDS epidemic.

The “All Types Welcome” campaign has employed popular LGBT models in an effort to bring awareness of the ban.

Famous drag performer Amanda Lapore is one of the featured models. She told the New York Times, the ban is an example of, “exclusion, and it’s ridiculous, and it’s discriminatory.”

The blood drive will kickoff in New York on October 3, with multiple cities to follow. Click HERE for more details. 

People who donate blood will get a free ticket to the film. 

Jigsaw hits theaters on October 27.