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Drag queen brings "The Voice" judges to their feet

Chris Weaver didn’t have to do much but sing a few bars of “Try a Little Tenderness” for “The Voice” judges to turn around.

After Weaver was finished with the song and all four judges had their chairs swiveled to face him, Jennifer Hudson threw a shoe at the singer as a sign of endearment and approval. 

As the judges began to fight to represent him, Weaver revealed he is not only a singer in the church choir but is a drag queen as well.

The contestant performs in New York going by the stage name Nedra Bell.

Hudson relayed in the early years she honed her singing and performance skills from drag shows. 

Adam Levine said to  Weaver.“You are the first person that has ever auditioned that is giving us an opportunity not the other way around. You are a phenomenal singer, but you are even more special than that to me."

You can watch Weaver's performance below: