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Anti-ObamaCare gay Republican is now crowdfunding for medical bills

Alex, or The Sassy Gay Republican, from Arizona.
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An interesting turn of events has happened to social media presence known as the “Sassy Gay Republican,” who in June Tweeted, regarding ObamaCare, "As a young adult in perfect health, why should I be FORCED to pay for insurance I don't want and likely won't need?"

But those words have recently come back to haunt him after the internet got wind of his current predicament.

He claims he got into a car accident at work, he is a pizza delivery driver, and the hospital in which he received care would not take his insurance.

"The hospital was a given, & the bill will likely be in the thousands (they didn't accept my insurance)."

If it's not already obvious, SGR is against a universal health care system. 

Unable to pay out-of-pocket for the care he received, SGR  has started a GoFundMe page, asking his followers and fans to pitch-in to the tune of $15k.

This set off criticisms to his Twitter feed, especially one from user, Billy, Just Billy, who photoshopped SGR's predicament into a storyboard of Tweets calling it a "Sassy Gay Republican DRAMA in Four Acts." Apparently, according to BuzzFeed, those tweets are about car insurance, not health insurance. 

This post was then retweeted by model Chrissy Teigen who sarcastically quipped the plot is better than Hamilton

But it doesn't end there. The photo of the car in question had also come under some scrutiny, critics were claiming that the photo is not even from this year. 

But in an interview with Someecards SGR says he can prove that it is.

"Well do you believe everything online? Notice how that image is conveniently cropped out so no one can actually search up and confirm it," he said in the interview. "Many are calling me a fraud but that's a huge mistake if I decide to post my medical and police records, which I might have to."

He also tweeted a shot of the accident report. 

Since the social media frenzy, SGR now says he is being bullied by the press. Enough so, that he created a 10-minute video to address the haters, specifically gays and liberals.

If that weren't enough he then released a statement via Twitter directed to his "Conservative Followers and Supporters" because "Liberals are sick people."

Finally, according to BuzzFeed, SGR says none of his troubles are about health insurance, but car insurance even though his GoFundMe campaign ends with this statement, "Funds will go towards:>Medication>Physical Therapy>Used Car>Medical Bills."

He told Buzzfeed, "My health insurance had no reason to pay for the medical coverage cause it's covered in workers comp. What they're denying is the collision because they told me I was 'on the job. Health Insurance covered my medications. My car insurance was being the issue not paying for the collision."

When asked what he thought about people calling him a hypocrite because he criticized ObamaCare, then asked for money via crowdsourcing he says OmabaCare made him, "feel like I'm stealing from people who are forced to pay into it, even if they don't want to."

"When I ask from friends, family, & my supports, it feels better because they actually want to help me," he said.