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Nude hunks become "Romans" in new UK reality show

The cast of the UK reality series "Bromans."
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Reality shows are known to push the envelope in order to get viewership and subsequent ratings, but one such guilty pleasure, the UK’s “Bromans” is taking the concept to a whole new level and that includes male nudity within its first five minutes. 

The birthplace of culture indeed. 

The show pits hunky contestants and their girlfriends against one another in a series of tasks reminiscent of ancient Roman times. And just like in those times, they do it with little to no clothing.

In its Survivor-like tasks, the first episode has the men completely unclothed as their girlfriend’s don golden bikinis, digging through the sand in order to find their significant other's authentic protective leather garb.

Of course, this is after the ladies slo-mo strut down the Roman marketplace in supermodel fashion, flipping their hair and posing for the camera. This is, after all, reality television. 

Meanwhile the men, in the inaugural episode, stand in a line with nothing on, tattoos baking in the sun, as the girls fight against each other to be victorious in the first challenge.

Male derrières are exposed, while they cup their groins, watching the ladies engage in girl-fighting and various other acts of aggression to be the first to complete the task.

"Bromans" airs on the UK's ITV2 channel.

But you can watch the first NSFW episode by clicking HERE.