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Tamra Judge of 'Real Housewives of OC' fights rumors her husband is gay

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Instagram - Tamra Judge

Tamra Judge of the Real Housewives of Orange County is not one to keep her mouth closed if she feels wronged and when her reality show’s co-stars colluded with rumors that her husband is gay, she let them have it.

Judge’s on-again-off-again relationship with BFF Vicky Gunvalson has once again been put on the back burner after Gunvalson also questioned if the rumors were true.

In a recent episode, the allegations were brought up at a birthday party for Gunvalson when former cast member Gretchen Rossi re-booted the dialogue with her pal Ricky Santana.

“I saw him making out with a guy,” Santana said in earshot of everyone at the table. “Making out with tongue.”

It wasn’t long after the show aired Judge came to her hubby’s defense on social media, criticizing them for gossip and "homophobia." 

“How orchestrated and wrong was that? The worst acting I’ve ever seen,” she said on Instagram under a photo of her hubby. “They are nothing but homophobic bullies that think it’s okay to try and out a straight man, hoping to humiliate him.”

“It’s not the 1920s and being gay is not something to be ashamed of or mocked. You should all be ashamed of yourself.”

As with these shows, they use social media as their battlegrounds and Rossi quickly clapped back saying she is not a homophobe and some of her best friends are LGBT. 

 “Besides,” she wrote, “it’s only ’outing’ someone if he is actually gay, which she adamantly denies.”