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Watch the extended trailer for 'Will & Grace'

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The road to the reboot of Will & Grace has had a long and questionable one filled with doubts, unconfirmed gossip and casting speculation.

But that’s all over now as the show is scheduled to return in an all new season on September 28.

The gang is back and they seem to be as caustic as ever, if not more so, as expressed in the extended clip below.

Pop culture references and political beatdowns are all a part of the fun.

“The episodes we have shot so far are just as good if not better than anything we have done,” says Megan Mullally who stars as sharp tongued Karen. “I think it’s really nice that we have fans who are just as excited as we are,”

Along with Karen, Will (Eric McCormack), Grace (Debra Messing) and Jack (Sean Hayes) are all back for this 16-episode mini season.

But not to worry, “Will & Grace has already been renewed for a second one.

Here’s an extended trailer for this season: