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Drag Race queens unite to help dying journalist

Ginger Minj shows her support in selfie.
Photo credit:
Charlie Hides TV - Twitter

RuPaul’s Drag queens have banded together to support a young English LGBT journalist’s final wish. 

HisKind publisher Dean Eastmond was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare type of cancer. Recently doctors informed him that it had progressed and gave him only a few weeks to live.

Of the things he said he would like to do before the time came, was to get his face painted by every queen from Drag Race. That challenge was met by season nine’s Charlie Hides who happened to be in the UK when he saw Dean’s tweet.

They decided to meet up. And now at least one person was checked off Dean’s list.

“I didn’t want to do a traditional glamour face; I wanted it to be more expressive and somehow to embody Dean’s unique energy and personality,” Hides told Yahoo! Beauty. “I know his time here on earth is limited, but his spirit will live on through his writing and through all the people he’s touched, so adding the Ankh [Egyptian symbol of eternal life] on his forehead was the perfect final flourish.”

This started a whole drag queen Twitterpation and many of the world’s most famous created a photo campaign of support, tweeting selfies with the words “Dean Eastmond Slays.”

You can check out the queens who tweeted support to Dean HERE.