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Viral pic shows baby in the happiest place on earth, with dads

Two dads rest up after Disney World with their now viral star Anakin.
Photo credit:
Gays With Kids - Instagram

Disney seems to bring out not only the best in people but the exhaustion too.

These two dads are no different except they took a picture of their adventure and it has left the internet going “aww.”

Family site Gays With Kids quickly recognized how adorable this family is and posted their picture on Instagram making it their most engaging shot ever.

From Salt Lake City, fathers Joshua and Jeremy’s 9-month-old son Anakin is seen perhaps dreaming of the happiest place on earth, no not Disney World, but with his family.

The couple also has a two-month-old daughter named Izley who is not pictured.

“Hopefully people see this photo as hope that they, too, can strive for the dream we once dreamed, and make it a reality,” they told Gays With Kids. “We never thought it could happen, let alone have two wonderful kids. It’s a new challenge but an amazing opportunity.”

People have seen the photo and have embraced all that it represents. 

"Life goals: be as at peace with life as that adorable bundle of gorgeousness..." said one person in the Instagram feed.