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Drag queen decks man who snatches off her wig

Heiress Blackstone has a violent reaction to a man who pulls of her wig in public.
Photo credit:
Heiress Blackstone - Facebook

One Irish drag queen was not pleased when a man snatched off her wig in public.

Heiress Blackstone is an Irish drag performer and in a viral video, it shows her doing a promo piece on the street.

A pedestrian suddenly appears to her left and grabs her wig; if you listen closely it sounds like he calls her a homophobic epithet.

But the performer was quick in response and cold cocks the man right in the nose, causing him to fall onto the ground.

The context of the video which is featured on Ebaumsworld isn’t clear, and some speculate that the whole thing could be a publicity stunt.

However, Blackstone has yet to comment on the incident. 

Violence is never the answer, but wigs are expensive and interrupting a queen on camera with hate speech is never a good idea. 

You can watch the video HERE.