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Swastika with Pride? Clothing line thinks it's beautiful

Swastika Pride themed clothing creates backlash.
Photo credit:
Pink News

In what may the oddest product placement in LGBT history, a clothing company decided to sell gear which merges the swastika with Pride colors on Teespring

Pink News reports that KA Design released the shirts with the symbol which read “peace,” “zen” and “love.”

The swastika has been around for thousands of years, and wasn't always associated with the Nazi party. In fact, it had a positive meaning until Hitler appropriated the right-facing version to represent the deadly Third Reich.

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News has since tried to find a link to the product, but it has been deactivated. 

The description said the decision to create the line comes from wanting to reclaim the swastika to represent the LGBT community.

“They stigmatised the swastika. They won. They limited our freedom. Or maybe not? The swastika is coming back together with love, peace, respect and freedom.”

KA stood behind their product saying the symbol is one of “beauty," reports Pink News. 

“We really like the symbol in its shape and aesthetics, and we would love to share the beauty of this symbol detached from the hatred associated with it,” they said.

But not everyone sees the crooked cross as a thing to celebrate. The shirts were met with backlash.

“I am outraged and shocked that any company would seek to profit from selling such reprehensible items,” said Dr Dvir Abramovich, the chair of the Anti-defamation Commission.

“The swastika does not represent the LGBTI community, whose members were the victims of Hitler’s evil regime. And no, it cannot be rebranded as a symbol of peace.

“KA’s naïve, and in many ways, selfish attitude shows a staggering lack of concern for the feelings of those who survived the Holocaust and those who lost relatives to the monstrous deeds of the Third Reich.”

He adds that neo-nazism is a powerful force in society today and, "white supremacists are proud to frequently deploy the swastika as a weapon to harass and victimise Jewish communities and minorities."