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Gay couple featured in new 'Annabelle: Creation' trailer

A gay couple featured in "Annabelle: Creation" trailer.
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The latest TV spot for the highly anticipated horror movie “Annabelle: Creation” features audience reactions, an advertising gimmick that shows people in the theater as they respond to the scariest parts of the film.

The latest night-vision trailer features two men sitting side-by-side in what appears to be more than a friendship. 

If you look very carefully in the first frame of the clip you see the couple snuggled up close to each other, one man on the right grabbing his date’s hand through the crook of his arm.

It’s great to see this sort of LGBT inclusion of big studio releases in national campaigns.

Even though 2016 was so-so for LGBT characters being represented in entertainment, it's nice to know that  Warner Bros and New Line Cinema are appreciating the wide spectrum of its ticket buyers.

This may concern some people about the privacy of the men given the hidden camera feel, but screenings of this nature generally require that a release is signed by participants who appear on film. 

"Annabelle: Creation" opens nationwide August 11, 2017. 

To watch the full teaser click HERE.