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Hillcrest retailer has to change its name or face lawsuit

Hilcrest retailer says it has to change its name or face lawsuit from jeans company.
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San Diego men’s retailer Mankind may have to change the name of their outlet after jean company “7 for All Mankind” has threatened to sue for trademark infringement.

In a social media post on Monday, Mankind reached out to their followers asking for suggestions on a new name.

“A certain designer jeans company is threatening to sue if we continue to use the name Mankind.

We have no choice but to change the name of the store very soon. Any suggestions for a new name?”

Although they don’t have a clothing label, Mankind is known in the neighborhood for selling popular athletic brands such as Andrew Christian, Diesel, Addicted and more.

Along with clothes the store also has a wide selection of adult gifts for men, women, and couples.    

Some social media responders have suggested that the owner of Mankind, Brian Casey,  fight the lawsuit, but he tells us that could mean a lot of money.

"7 for All Mankind" or simply "Seven" is a line of jeans with fashion boutiques across the globe. They also sell a selection of other designer's products.

Given the smaller scale of Casey's store, simply changing the name might be the most cost-effective option rather than going up against the retail giant. 

Casey says "Seven" has not asked for any damages regarding the alleged infringement, only that he change the name. 

The name "Mankind" has been used since the store first opened in 2007. Casey has owned it for the past three-and-a-half years.

Some names that have already been suggested are, "Manhood," "Mnknd," or "Boykind." 

One poster suggests that he resurrect the name "Obelisk," a popular one-time Hillcrest retailer that closed down in 2015 after 22 years of serving the community.

Mankind is a fun boutique with many interesting and unique gift ideas. 

A great way to back this local business is not only help in suggesting a name but also stop by the shop take a look around and when something special catches your eye support it through the cash register. 

The threat of a lawsuit can be a stressful experience especially when it means giving up the namesake of your livelihood, but community support, especially in Hillcrest is a powerful thing and means a lot to small business owners. 

Mankind is located at 1295B University Avenue, San Diego, 92103