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Michael Saltsman takes over Uptown Tavern

The keys are officially his to Uptown Tavern at midnight on Thursday.
Photo credit:
Michael Saltsman - Facebook

The day has finally here, and a dream has finally come true for Michael Saltsman as he has officially becomes the owner of Uptown Tavern in Hillcrest.

Well, he still has until midnight Thursday, but that is a drop in the bucket compared to the years he has wanted to own his own bar and eatery.

Michael revealed the news on social media today with a short video of him standing in front of the restaurant holding placards of which he flips over to show the announcement.  

"We did it. Uptown Tavern...IS OURS! (Ok the bank owns most [of] it."

Managing Urban Mo’s in Hillcrest for 30 years has been a wonderful and life-changing experience, but Michael told us in June, he saw an opportunity in Uptown Tavern after meeting its previous owner. 

"We started a conversation, and so my dream restaurant that I wanted to create sort of just materialized. I thought it was definitely the will of the universe. It was crazy," he laughs. 

Not much will change he told us last month. He said he wants to immerse himself in the business before making any decisions.

“I’m lucky to inherit an already a wonderful running machine,” he said.