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Watch this Ursula slay Comic-Con and the internet

His Ursula at Comic-Con was cosplay genius.

Los Angeles' Jose Davalos is no stranger to dressing up as Disney villains but at this year's Comic-Con he may have set the cosplay bar so high anyone coming after him is in for a formidable task. 

The 23-year-old dressed as Ursula, the subaquatic corpulent villainess from The Little Mermaid. He joined other talented artists during the Comic-Con Masquerade Ball. 

But his hefty Sea Witch was so realistic it looked as though she just wandered onto shore and into the halls of the concourse. 

"The costume was not heavy at all," he told San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, "it was just hard to breathe through the fat suit, the face was really comfortable."

The video has gone viral with over five-million views. And yes, that is his real voice.  

I asked him why he chose Ursula. "I picked her because I love dressing up as women," he laughs.  

Not only did the costume wow social media, the judges at Comic-Con were also impressed. They awarded him The David C. Copley Center of Costume Design at UCLA for the "Most Innovative Costume," The "Audience Favorite Award Masquerade Winner" presented by Frank & Son, and admission to Costume-Con 36, San Diego in May 2018, plus cash prizes.

Jose is a “Self Taught Makeup Artist, Costume, Prop Fabricator, Sculptor, and Cosplayer” according to his Facebook profile. He says he has his own studio, "but it's really tiny." So he uses his friend's spaces for bigger projects.  

Disney seems to be his forte. His past characters have included Hades from Hercules, Beast from Beauty and the Beast, The Hatbox Ghost from The Haunted Mansion and the witch from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

He says he is currently working on an original character creation. 

Lip-sync video from the performance on the Comic-Con stage is below.