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Actor Jason Stuart is busy in Hollywood: 'I'm Only Gay on the Weekends'

Jason Stuart: "I'm Only Gay on the Weekends."
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Jason Stuart

There’s one thing you can say about actor and comedian Jason Stuart, he’s been keeping very, very busy; Hollywood-busy in fact and it appears he isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Just check out his IMDb page, it’s filled with projects that are “completed” and yet to be released or in "post-production." And that’s just his on-screen work.

In fact, Jason has stage bookings through next yearSan Diego Gay and Lesbian News was lucky enough to snag him for an interview before his appearance at Martinis Above Fourth on Thursday, July 27.

“This is really the best time in my career artistically,” Jason said. “I have become the character actor I have always aspired to be! Playing everything from a racist plantation owner in The Birth of a Nation to an ultra-rich NYC law firm CEO in The Strivers (pilot) to a councilman accused of a murder in Swedish Dicks to a private detective in Diverted Eden, to a self-involved shrink in Love!

The show he is bringing to America’s Finest City is called “I’m Only Gay on the Weekends.” He tells us this title is a brief description of how he spends the latter part of the week. 

“It's just too hard to be gay every day these days,” he laughs, “so Friday night I start to get ready for the hunt, Saturday I become a man and do my business, Sunday I relax in his arms and Monday I go back to grunting and moving furniture! So now I'm Only Gay on the Weekends.”

The art of comedy isn’t a closed frame for Jason. He is a broad stroke of talent and these days the ratio of comedy to drama is about fifty-percent. He yearns to work with directors and actors such as Martin Scorsese, Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, and Steven Soderbergh to name a few.

“As I get older, I seem to be the most comfortable in my own skin than I have ever been. People finally see that I am not a one-trick pony and are open to seeing me for various types of roles.”

Although Jason is showing the world his dramatic side, they may be more used to his comedic one. I asked him how earned the nickname “LGBT Don Rickles."

“A few comedians and journalists like yourself have been calling me that for years,” he said. “I just loved him so. Don Rickles, Joan Rivers… these folks broke the ground for interactive comedy. I stand on their shoulders as I have brilliant comedians. I also stand on the shoulders of so many LGBT comics who opened the doors for me so I can be chatting with you now. Robin Tyler, Kate Clinton, Michael Greer, Bob Smith, Jaffe Cohen, Karen Williams, Lea DeLaria, and so many more.  I say a simple thank you and a big virtual hug! I feel so grateful to all of them as I get older and really understand what they sacrificed so I can make people laugh this Thursday!”

Joining Jason this Thursday will be San Diego comedienne Vicki Barbolak (pictured above left). Jason has been friends with her for 20 years, and he could think of no better person to perform with him at the show, “she is so damn funny! And I adore her,” he said.

For those of you who follow Jason, or those who may not be aware, his mother is a very big part of his life.

She recently moved from Palm Springs to be closer to him in Los Angeles. How does she like it?

“Well, She is a Jewish woman, how much could she like it?” he laughs. “She is 79 and still shopping at Forever 71! She is still looking for husband number five; she's the love of my life! I’m so happy I get to see here all the time now.”

He adds that his recent roles and red carpet appearances are thrilling, but when people ask what he does in his spare time, “I say I'm off to take my mom's trash out and get here OJ from Whole foods.”

Unfortunately, Jason hasn’t visited San Diego for a while, and he’s not sure when he will be back, but even though the star is busy doing big budget films for networks such as HBO; playing a role in Swedish Dicks featuring Keanu Reeves, and currently on Netflix as "Dr. Powell" in Love, he still sets aside time for the boards.

“Stand up is now a part-time gig, so it becomes more special for me now… so catch me if you can.”

You can catch Jason Stuart and Vicki Barbolak live on stage for "I'm Only Gay on the Weekends" is on Thursday, July 27 at 8 pm at Martinis Above Fourth. Get tickets HERE.

Martinis Above Fourth is located at 3940 Fourth Ave, San Diego, 92103.