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Karter brings Winehouse to life at Martinis Above Fourth

Mia Karter brings Amy Winehouse to life in live show.
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Mia Karter is returning to San Diego for Pride and bringing her tribute to the late, great Amy Winehouse to Martinis Above Fourth on Wednesday, July 12 and Thursday, July 13.

Last year her show, “The Winehouse Experience,” drew crowds of people to the venue to watch her emulate the English singer who died in 2011 at only 27-years-old.

Perhaps one of the most revered female singers of our time, Amy Winehouse burst onto the U.S. musical scene with her smash “Rehab” in 2003.

Karter honors the late superstar, keeping her emotional style and soulful smoothness intact. That includes covering many of Winehouse’s hits.

Undeniably a true fan of Whitehouse, Karter takes on her persona with an uncanny likeness.

This is definitely a great place to get to know the artistry of Karter, but also the genius behind the source material

Show preparations, extensive sound checks, and an impeccable make-up job are all an effort to resurrect the legendary artist on stage.

Even though you may get lost in the fantasy, this is also a testament to Karter herself.

Born in Salt Lake City, she is a classically trained singer and discovered jazz, R&B on all on her own.

From there, she began her journey to Southern California while in her 20’s and immersed herself into writing, doing radio and television.

Karter now produces her nine-piece, top 40 band The Winehouse Experience, taking them on the road not only to perform but to make sure that Amy Winehouse’s incredible talent is never forgotten.

The Winehouse Experience is on Wednesday, July 12, and Thursday, July 13, at 8 pm at Martinis Above Fourth Table + Stage.

Martinis Above Fourth Table + Stage is located in the heart of Hillcrest at 3940 Fourth Avenue, Second Floor.

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