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'KloQd' has you covered for Pride

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Steffany Kovacs was making cloaks and capes way before Wonder Woman made them popular again.

She owns KloQd, and you have probably seen her fun designs around Hillcrest.

Steffany gets her inspiration from different areas of the world. She may see an animal print and make a design from that. Maybe it’s bemusement for another culture and their style, or the LGBT community and their use of the rainbow.

Hillcrest has taken notice of her talent, especially Mankind owner Brian Casey and he has started selling her colorful creations at his store.

“I can’t believe we didn’t have items like this before,” he said. “Guys love capes. These are perfect for Pride, rages, EDC, Halloween, Burning Man, costume parties, and Comic-Con.”

Comic-con attendees may think these fashion statements are a dream come true, especially if they are trying to complete a detailed costume. 

Commissioned pieces she has created have included Dr. Strange, Red Riding Hood, and Tiger-Ray.

Mankind will sell the solid colors, but they also have her rainbow stripped versions available just in time for Pride.

Steffany also creates cloaks for dogs. They can often compliment their human-sized version, perfect for a late afternoon walk together. 

Comic-Con made a place for her as a vendor last year and in 2017 she took third place in the Andy Warhol Fashion Show.

KloQd is based in North Park and they also create many other items including, kimonos, dresses, hats, Renaissance wear, caftans, headpieces, bags, fanny packs, and festival backpacks

The brand is also available in retail stores, online, selling at outdoor markets and special events.

The owner of Mankind says not only are these great designs made for citizens, “We will also sell to superheroes," he jokes.

But maybe they are one and the same. 

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About Mankind:

Mankind is Hillcrest’s upscale gay mega store. Mankind carries thousands of products, including designer men’s clothing, jeans, sexy underwear, an extensive swimwear collection, edgy & humorous greeting cards, DVD’s and more.  It has the largest selection of Andrew Christian clothing south of LA, as well as that of other great designers such as Diesel, Addicted, Timoteo, Cellblock13, Nasty Pig, Marco Marco, Pump, and more!  Mankind carries a large selection of adult novelties for guys, girls, and couples, and Pride merchandise.

Mankind is located at 1295, 1B University Ave San Diego, CA 92103 (619)-497-1970