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Christian web evangelist wants cross reaction button on Facebook

The proposed cross added to Facebook's emoji reaction strip.
Photo credit:
Hik Mat Hanna- Facebook

 The Rainbow flag emoji on Facebook has allowed many people to express their Pride, but one conservative group is asking that the social media giant also include a religious symbol in the form of a cross to the reaction bar.

Joshua Feuerstein is a former television and radio evangelist and recently he shared a post asking that there be a symbol that represents the Christian community.

Feuerstein has over two-million followers and many in his feed agree that God should be represented when they react to a social media update.

He even went so far as to post a picture with the proposed image, “Hey Facebook, you added this one [rainbow flag] we’re waiting for this one [cross].”

Hikmat Hanna, who created the image, also created another one: a Pride flag with a thumbs down overlay. Which may indicate that this isn't about adding an additional reaction icon, rather a statement about the LGBT community. 

Over 19k people responded with a thumbs up to his query, but over 2k responded with the rainbow symbol.

Said one supporter of the proposal, "They're not going to do that, because everything is backwards now, wrong is right, and right is wrong, thats the way the world is now, but God is still God weather people like it or not."

But others were not as admirable of the request, “OK so by that logic there should be one for Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and all other religions. Stop feeling persecuted, because it's not like they have reactions for all faiths except Christianity.”

“Being as u are "BOYCOTTING" the companies that support the LGBT community, why don't u boycott Facebook???” asked another.

Another Facebook user responded with his own logic, "Umm..Not sure if you know this, or not, Joshua Fraudstein, but being gay is not a religion. This is a false equivalence. While we're on the subject of things you don't know. There have been thousands of deities invented by man. What evidence do you have that proves that your man made deity is more real than the rest of the man made deities?" - Scott Raively