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VIDEO: Ellen shames thieving audience member on her show

This Ellen audience member was put in "Ellen Jail" for taking more that her fair share.
Photo credit:
Ellen - YouTube

Audience members for The Ellen Show always seem as if they are having a good time, but one lady last week was put in a “time-out” after the host caught her taking more than her share at the free souvenir table.

As Ellen celebrated being on the air for 14 years, she wanted her audience to bask in her success by placing exclusive free merchandise on a table in the lobby.

The only rule for taking a free item was that you could have only one. The majority of her audience, unaware that they were on hidden camera complied with the request, but one lady became a little greedy and began to load up on the free keepsakes.

Merchandise included mugs, shot glasses, baseball caps, and keychains.

Once the show was on-air Ellen applauded the people who followed the “one item per person” rule,” but she quickly called out the opportunistic woman who with an accomplice came back to the table not once, not twice, but three times to grab and go.

It was all caught on a hidden camera. 

“Hello,” Ellen began as she called out the freebie thief on camera.

Obviously embarrassed the lady made the excuse that her sister Anna couldn’t make it to the show and she was getting souvenirs for her.

“A lot of people’s sisters couldn’t come,” Ellen laughs.

The woman named Nancy was then shamed and sent to “Ellen Jail” which was a chair on stage in front of everyone.

“Anna got you in big trouble,” the comedian joked.