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Emile Welman brings his special soul to San Diego

Enjoy the smooth voice of Emile Welman at Martinis Above Fourth.
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Emile Welman

Get ready for an unforgettable night of music with Emile Welman at Martinis Above Fourth.

You may be familiar with Welman’s appearance on the reality show Mrs. Eastwood and Company. But there is a story there and it all begins in Johannesburg South Africa.

In fact, his casting on that show was due to its namesake, Mrs. Eastwood who discovered the dapper crooner while performing a Queen tribute with his band Overtone.

She introduced him to her legendary husband, actor and director Clint Eastwood who was also enthralled with Welman’s style and asked that he do the soundtrack to his film Invictus.

The song, “9,000 Days,” was featured in that film and if you haven’t heard it yet watch the video below to hear just how wonderful his voice is.

Better yet, you can catch Emile in his San Diego debut at Martinis Above Fourth on Thursday, June 29 at 8 pm.

What Emile brings to the music scene is a jazz and hip-hop fusion. His vocals bring a soulful twist to the stage with silky saturation which ranges over three octaves.

You may be reminded of artists such as Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett. In fact, Bennett himself made the Sinatra comparison at one time.

With classic good looks, a soulful voice which tells many stories and a hypnotic stage presence, Emile will be joined by another must-see performer, the intriguing and always entertaining Maya.

Her music fuses all types of styles from jazz to smooth, poetic R&B and electro-centric layers of beats that take you on a journey through sound and emotion.

Pairing Emile with Maya for one night seems like a match made in heaven. Although somewhat different in their approaches, the two artists compliment the both the past and future of music.

They are a new type of quiet storm, one filled with the energy of lightning but also the serenity of a light summer rain. 

Emile Welman and Maya will perform at Martinis Above Fourth on Thursday, June 29 at 8 pm.

Martinis Above Fourth is located at 3940 Fourth Ave, San Diego, 92103

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