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Christian Facebook page warns rainbow emoji will get you banned

One Christian Facebook page has said that if you use the rainbow flag emoji on their page they will ban you.

Last week Facebook let you be a little more colorful with your reactions by adding a rainbow flag to the emoticon toolbar for Pride month.

Warriors for Christ will not have it and will remove you from their friends list if they see you using it.  

At least that is what they said in a post that has since been removed.

After that gauntlet was thrown down, many people took it as a challenge and inundated the anti-gay social media thread with as many rainbow flags, emoji and shady barbs as possible.

The homophobes wanting the last word then created their own meme to bolster the fact that their message is coming from a higher power (see sidebar). 

Now it seems the page has become a surplus of rainbow emoji on every thread they make public.

We aren’t sure if they are keeping their word about the ban, it may be too many to handle.