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Out & About with Jinx Mirage: Overdrive returns

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SDPIX - From Overdrive at Spin Jan. 2017

The summer is heating up as Overdrive returns this week and as always it's a fun nighttime experience, with the best music and DJs, the best light and laser choreography and the best looking people.

This week Overdrive will feature Oscar Velazquez from 2 am to 5 am. Also, Mateo Segade from midnight to 2 am and SD favorite DJ Taj 10 pm to midnight. 

Overdrive is on Saturday, June 17, 2017, starting at 10 pm and goes until  Sunday, June 18, at 5 am.

Free before 11 pm. $5 Svedka Vodka Happy Hour from 10 pm to midnight.  

Don't miss this vibe and save off the door price with our $15 presale tix here!

Trixie Mattel at Martinis Above Fourth (Sold Out)

First off, at Martinis Above Fourth Drag Race Superstar Trixie Mattel will be bringing her new show "Ages 3+ Up" June 14 and15. 

I always thought Trixie was so entertaining and unique on Drag Race. I'm sure this show will be nothing but the same razor-sharp reads and off-color comedy. If you are looking to laugh and enjoy a show this will be the event for you.

Next Top DJ at Uptown Tavern

Also coming up this week is one of my favorite competitions "Next Top DJ" at Uptown Tavern where DJ's will compete to be the new resident DJ for the summer and a chance at $700 cash prize. 

Unlocked: An Interactive Youth Art Exhibition at the Center.

 Friday I will be attending Unlocked: An Interactive Youth Art Exhibition at the Center. 

The Exhibition is from 5 pm to 8 pm and I'm really excited to see what these young artists have in store for us. I was told be ready for a "multi-sensory artistic maze created by youth to visualize their experiences with emotions".

Then afterward I'll be watching the sunset on top of the Porto Vista Hotel with friends for "SDPIX Presents Top Of Bay". Cocktails, awesome music and gorgeous men. I mean hello people!!

get into it.

Havana Nights at #1 Fifth Avenue

 Another event I'm looking forward to is Havana Nights at #1 Fifth Avenue, now me being raised in South Florida. I have danced many a salsa and merengue.

Which will be nice to get my dancing shoes back on and cut up the floor. Never know maybe I'll meet my dancing soulmate and he will dance me off into the starry night. Unlikely but it should still be a fun event.  If these events aren't for you look below. I'll be listing a few other events that may be what you're looking for. 

Here's the fun stuff I did last week:

Now to get on the dish of what I did last weekend. It started out with my first time at "Out at the Fair".

"Out at the Fair" is the gay edition of the San Diego County Fair held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

With a performance by Drag Queen Locals, House Legend Pepper Mashay and a few Dj's. It brings a  colorful fair experience that only we gays can bring. 

Along with all the fun of a County fair with all the different rides, games and big food on sticks to eat. "Out at the Fair" is a fun time to be had not only by the gays. But back to the food, I'm not going lie it was my favorite part. Where else can I get a Samoan Donut the size of my head? Between the large sausage corn dogs and the BBQ Brisket Sundae.

I was in fat kid heaven, but the most interesting thing I had was the Deep-fried lemonade. I know what your thinking but check this out. Imagine a sweet cake soaked in lemonade then deep-fried that's then served with an icing and sweet cream sauce. #DELISH #GetInMouth 

 But besides all that great food and fun. The best part of the fair was witnessing a group of teenage girls ask two of our local Queens Frankie Puma and Grotesqa if they could get a group photo.

Ugh, that touched my little icy gay heart. It's so amazing to see such acceptance nowadays with everything going on.

After taking in more of the sights I cut out a little early so I could get some rest before I caught up with British Singer-Songwriter Kitty Brucknell from "The X Factor" at the the "Out at the Fair" after party at Rich's.

Kitty Brucknell took the stage and kept the energy going with her electrifying performance of her original dance music.

I got to chat with Kitty after here show and asked her What made performing at Out of the Fair so special for you and she had this to say "In the U.K. we don't have county fairs as big as in Del Mar and it was definitely a shock to the senses. But also how welcoming, friendly and lovely everyone ones and it felt good to do my own music."

It was so awesome meeting Kitty Brucknell she is such a sweetheart.

Google her when you get a chance she is amazing. 

Other fun stuff this week:


4 pm to 8:00 pm: Happy Hour at the San Diego Eagle

5 pm to 6 pm: Press Conference and Vigil in Opposition to Conversion Therapy at S

7 pm to 10 pm: Dining with the Divas at Lips

10 pm to 2 am: Lez at Rich's


4 pm to 6 pm: Veuve Out The Way, It's The Weekend Baby at Uptown Tavern

7 pm: Glitz & Glam at Lips

9 pm to 2 am: Beat Your Drum Sponsored by California Drummer at The San Diego Eagle

1 pm to 2 am: Electro Pop at Rich's


6 pm to 10 pm: Hillcrest Youth Center Annual Rainbow Prom 2017 at The Center

8 pm to 10 pm: Baby's Birthday Bash at Babycakes

9 pm: The Underwear Show at Flicks

10 pm to 5 am: Overdrive: Oscar Velazquez, Mateo Segade & Taj


1 pm to 6 pm: F-Monday It's Sunday Funday at Uptown Tavern

11 am: Sunday Dragalicious Gospel Brunch at Lips

2 pm to 8 pm: Sunday Beer Bust at Flicks

3 pm to 8 pm: Church at Babycakes

8 pm to 2 am: Stripper Circus at Rich's


3 pm to 7 pm: Mobile Medical Unit at The Center

4 pm to 10 pm: Pasta de Jour Mondays at Uptown Tavern

4 pm to 8 pm: Happy Hour at the San Diego Eagle

9 pm: Karaoke at Flicks


8 pm to 9 pm: Leigh Scarritt Productions Presents Stars of the Future at Martinis Above Fourth

2 pm to 2 am: Tuesday All-Day Happy Hour at Flicks

4 pm: Taco Tuesday at Uptown Tavern

4 pm to 2 am: Tuesdays at San Diego Eagle

9 pm: Karaoke at Flicks


7 am to 11:45 pm: Wednesday Special at Crest Cafe

4 pm to 2 am: Wednesdays at San Diego Eagle

4 pm to 6 pm: The Best Hours at Uptown Tavern

7 pm: Bitchy Bingo at Lips

7:30 pm: Pictionary Night at #1 Fifth Ave.

9 pm to 2 am: Welfare Wednesdays featuring DJ Will Z. at Flicks

Last week’s events

Check out SDPIX.com for all the new albums from last week.

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