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UC San Diego student pranks homophobic campus preacher

Jerry Ramirez mocks homophobic campus preacher who thinks being in theater arts makes you gay.
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Jerry Ramirez

A homophobic evangelist who set up a UC San Diego campus soap box got more than he bargained for when a student named Jerry Ramirez stood alongside him and began mocking his message. 

The homophobic sermonizer was espousing the dangers of Disney films, Elton John and theater arts, warning students that getting involved in that artform might make them gay,"...that's a very dangerous place out there," he says calmly. 

The prankster then yells,“The theater is dangerous because of the gays!” while standing on trash receptacles aping the religious crier.

“It’s infested with them,” continues the preacher.

Infested!” Jerry yells.

And so it continues.

The whole thing was caught on video by Jerry’s friend and roommate Joris Kanowski who tells The Tab, Jerry is a student of visual arts as well as an aspiring actor.

“It is true that he is from New Zealand,” said Joris. “He did some other crazy performances as well, such as eating five bananas with the peel on in 10 minutes."

He adds, "Jerry stood on this dumpster for full 30 minutes, so the 12 minutes are already a compilation.”

The condensed Facebook post can be seen HERE. The full-length video is below.