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Trump honors Pulse victims via tweet

Some people calling Donald Trump's tweet about Pulse victims insincere.
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@realDonaldTrump - Twitter

President Trump hasn’t recognized what his predecessors have: that June is LGBT Pride month.

But his attempt to honor the innocent Pulse victims in a tweet this morning has resulted in many negative responses on social media mostly because of his anti-LGBT cabinet choices and making one of his first orders of business as president to overturn transgender student rights.

Some people even criticized him because a year ago, he failed to recognize the Pulse victims and instead basked in self-revelry

"You literally CONGRATULATED yourself on this day one year ago instead of remembering the victims. Thanks for pretending to care." - Jules Suzdaltsev

The criticisms keep going, and we were hard-pressed to find a single positive response in the twitterverse

"this ALL CAPS tweet does not absolve u frm throwing the entire LGBTQ comm. under the bus after your election. Liar!" -- Dennis Herring

"A great way to honor them would be by actually acknowledging Pride month." Alex Goldschmidt

"You forgot them all of pride month. You refuse to celebrate the living and you use the death of our community to further your bigoted agenda." -- Dana Goldberg

"Don't. Please. Not today." -- Jen

"The cabinet you assembled perpetuates the hate and violence this attack comes from Not including gays in the census you've forgotten already." -- Ethan Embry

They were hard to find, but there some tweets in support of the Commander in Chief's words: 

"As a member of the LGBT community myself, I am proud to stand with you, a president who wants to protect me from this dangerous ideology." -- @technowizardry

"Buddy... not everything he tweets has to be deciphered. Join others in caring about lives lost." -- Drew Cook

"Thank you @POTUS! Best President!!" -- Allie