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Pulse tribute song 'Finish the Dance' an uplifting honor to those who couldn't

Danielle LoPresti wants every one to "Finish the Dance" the innocent Pulse victims couldn't
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Danielle LoPresti - Facebook

Today Singer/songwriter Danielle LoPresti and her wife Alicia Champion are commemorating the one-year anniversary of the loss of 49 innocent lives at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando Florida with the release of their tribute song “Finish the Dance.”

Married and mothers to a wonderful son, the couple was hit extremely hard by the news that came out of Orlando that morning.  

Danielle, a well-known San Diego musician and music festival producer, became emotional during the San Diego Pulse vigil in which she sang to thousands of people.

Now a year later, Danielle and Alicia have released a song that they wrote on that same night.

“We wrote Finish the Dance to honor every blessed being whose life was taken a year ago at Pulse,” says Danielle.

She says even though we want to forget the tragedy because it may be too horrific to fathom, we must resist the urge to do so; we must use our voices for those who no longer have one.

“As humans, our worst potential, perhaps, is apathy. And the road to apathy is complacency,” she told San Diego Gay and Lesbian News. “The temptation to push what happened at Pulse out of our minds is huge. It’s all just too painful, too horrific, too maddening… but we can’t do that. We owe it to every victim, their families, and every survivor to REMEMBER them. And no matter how painful, how sickening, how inconvenient… to fight gun violence, hate, and homophobia on their behalf."

Called “Finish the Dance,” the tune was recently released with a video and homage to the 49 people who were taken from the community so violently that morning in an act of hate.

The song starts out with strings from a Spanish Guitar-a tribute to the Latinx community which were the majority of victims that morning, then goes into an upbeat tempo.

It may seem a little strange to create a dance song -- anthem really -- to honor those that died. People are probably more used to slow ballads for tributes than EDM tracks.

However, even though “Finish the Dance” is upbeat and club ready, it is also working to lift people up while they are down and at the same time allow us to complete what the victims could not.

“They didn’t get to finish their dance that night because of hate, so we as a community are going to finish it for them and prove that hate will not have the last word in each of their stories. We want to celebrate them, honor them - we want to remember them and the joy and love their lives gave to the communities they were part of."

Today at 12 pm PST, Danielle will host a Facebook live event to share her story about why she created the song, and also allow others to share stories as the world remembers Pulse, it's innocent victims and everyone who must relive the nightmare every day of their lives. 

You can join in on the conversation by clicking HERE at 12 pm PST on Monday, June 12.