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DJ Infinite was at Pulse, and is making peace through music

 Ray Rivera was at Pulse one year ago, and says he will not let hate win.
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Leeta Lauxkeyy

Ray Rivera, aka DJ Infinite, is taking some time to reflect today on this the first anniversary of the Pulse tragedy that took the innocent lives of 49 men and women in Orlando Florida.

Ray, a straight ally, was there that morning of June 12, playing songs from the deck setting the mood for just over 300 people inside.

The theme was Latino Night and the atmosphere was still charged with excitement until Ray turned down the volume of his set because he thought he heard fireworks.

Those sounds would turn out to be shots and some people took refuge beneath the DJ booth where Ray was playing. He eventually helped one woman to escape.

As people across the nation take some time today and reflect on the anniversary of the deadliest act of violence against LGBT people, most of whom people of color, Ray says giving into fear is not the answer.

These memories and thoughts are constantly with him about that night, and he says playing music is one of the ways people can mend some of their grief.

“Music can heal in time,” he told San Diego Gay and Lesbian News. “I like to say music can take you to a different place no matter what’s going on in your life.”

This has been his philosophy for 25 years. As soon as he was able, Ray took his love of music and made a profession of it adopting the name DJ Infinite.

But a year ago some of that enthusiasm was taken from him and now when he steps up to the booth, there is another thought that initially takes hold.

“I find myself being more aware of my surroundings,” he said. “But that is not going to stop me from doing what I love to do.”

That love will also bring him to San Diego Pride this year in July.

He knows the city will welcome him with much love. He says one of the best ways to show him affection is as simple as a short embrace, “Hugs are great, God knows I need them.”

DJ Infinite has not stopped making people happy.

He wants people to know that his track listing at San Diego Pride will be a special one.

“I will play for everybody in an open format I will take everyone on a musical journey for my set,” he said.