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Trixie Mattel toys with her past in 'Ages 3+ Up'

Get to know Trixie Mattel at Martinis Above Fourth this month as she comes to San Diego in "Ages 3+ Up."
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Trixie Mattel has something to tell you about her childhood and she’s going to let it all fly this month at Martinis Above Fourth.

The Season seven Drag Race contestant has a one-woman show she is bringing to San Diego called “Ages 3+ Up.”

I talked to Trixie about what she thinks of this season of Drag Race, and what she has been doing since her 2015 television debut.

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News: How is life after Drag Race?

Trixie Mattel: It's like being a taller Spice Girl.

What did you like about Drag Race?

I actually enjoyed very little of it. I'm not very competitive and I lost a lot.

What do you think of this season?

Obsessed. Farrah, obsessed. Shea, obsessed. Trinity, obsessed.

What do you like most about San Diego?

San Diego was our kickoff the The Haters Roast this year with Murray and Peter Presents! One of my fondest memories was debuting pages and pages of hateful jokes for San Diego audiences.

What is "Ages 3+ Up?"

Ages 3 and Up is a standup show with jokes based around my life from age 3 to now. It has jokes, tap dancing, singing, guitar playing, and lots of drinking.

What are you working on in the future?

I am currently writing my new show "Trixie Mattel: Now With Moving Parts!" I'm also traveling playing my hit album Two Birds. Life is almost dream-like! I couldn't be happier. But also I'm tired and I think I am laying down for an eternal sleep.

I'm sure there is much more Trixie will reveal in her upcoming two-night spot at Matinis Above Fourth. You can listen for yourself when she makes her way to Hillcrest next week. 

Trixie Mattel in "Ages 3+ Up" is on Wednesday June 14 or Thursday, June 15,  starting at 8 pm at Martinis Above Fourth. 

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Martinis Above Fourth is located at 3940 Fourth Ave, San Diego, 92103