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San Diego makes music at the Mainly Mozart Festival

Music Director Michael Francis conducts as Mainly Mozart celebrates 29 years in San Diego.
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Mainly Mozart

Music and culture come alive in San Diego for the month of June as the 29th annual Mainly Mozart Festival returns.

This musical celebration is not to be missed if you enjoy the sounds of classical music.

Talented musicians will be showcased throughout the month at different events going on at The Balboa Theatre downtown, La Jolla and other beautiful San Diego landmarks. 

Music Director Michael Francis has deemed this year’s theme “Beauty through Adversity,” with concerts by the all-star Festival Orchestra, world-renowned soloists, and chamber music.

Celebrating the second chapter in Mozart’s career, this nearly month-long event celebrates a time in the genius’ life that maybe was his most difficult.

Francis says even in these periods of artistic uncertainty, great things can emerge.

"We tend to think of Mozart as a genius whose masterpieces effortlessly poured out of him from a very tender age,” says Francis. “In truth, there were very difficult moments in his life. The period around the end of his teenage years was one such moment. It was a time in which he was no longer the popular golden boy of Europe, but instead suffered much rejection artistically and professionally. This year’s festival explores how Mozart sought beauty through adversity and as a result found his maturing voice. We have also included music by other composers in similar situations who turned life’s adversity into beautiful art.”

Guests will enjoy concerts by the all-star Festival Orchestra featuring concertmasters and principal players from the nation’s most distinguished orchestras; world-renowned soloists; chamber music; and fascinating presentations on how music can affect our brains, health, and lives.

Festival events include:

  • Five concerts by the Mainly Mozart Festival Orchestra, featuring concertmasters and principal players from the nation’s most distinguished orchestras, joined by internationally renowned soloists
  • One concert by the Mainly Mozart Festival Orchestra at the Centro Cultural Tijuana
  • Five Spotlight chamber music concerts in La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, and Carlsbad
  • Music & the Mind, featuring internationally recognized figures in the sciences, medicine, and the arts exploring the impact of music on our brains, health, and lives
  • The third annual San Diego Makes Music, a free open air concert at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion, inviting audience members to play along with the Mainly Mozart Festival Orchestra
  • The Mainly Mozart Youth Orchestra performing with guest Anna Polonsky, piano

"There’s a great history here and a pride and a desire. Musicians all around America, while I’m conducting, say, 'Oh, I’d love to come and play in San Diego,'" Francis has said of the event. "They're not coming here to earn a fortune. It’s nothing like that. They’re coming here to make music. It’s the end of a very busy orchestral season for many of them but they still want to come and play music in a smaller orchestra. There must be something special here."

For more information on all the programs happening at Mainly Mozart this year, or to but tickets click HERE.

Mainly Mozart begins on Friday, June 2 and goes through Sunday, June 25 throughout San Diego. For more information click HERE.