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'Will & Grace' trailer is musical spectacular

New trailer for "Will & Grace" is a musical showstopper.
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Global News

We are finally getting to see that this time the rumors are true: “Will & Grace” is making a comeback.

In a new musical trailer for the show, Deborah Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes, and Megan Mullally are all back and everyone is excited that NBC has greenlit their return for 12 episodes, except for Messing who is suffering from performance anxiety.

Eric (Will) coaxes his co-star through the set where they meet up  with Karen and  Jack who apparently don’t realize they are actors and interact with Eric and Debra in character.

The whole thing culminates into a big Broadway showstopping musical number complete with orchestra and heavenly confetti.

Last year, the show had been rumored to be making a comeback from stars Leslie Jordan and Debra Messing, but it wasn’t until January that NBC made the official announcement.

“Will & Grace” will begin its 12 episode revival on NBC this fall.