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Fabhats are crowning achievements for Lorena Levinson

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Cali Griebel/SDPIX

If you haven’t seen Lorena Levinson’s spectacular captain's hats around San Diego then maybe it’s time you discovered a little bit more about them because they are now one of the hottest trends in Hillcrest. 

Levinson is the creator of Fabhats, a San Diego-based craft company that specializes in custom handmade captain’s hats that have become very popular in the local party scene. 

They are in high-demand, and for many people the festive chapeau's are their signature fashion choice when they step out for the evening. 

More fun than fancy, Levinson says she and her husband draw inspiration from the EDM community and the hats embody that energetic grandeur. 

“People have been requesting me for a long time to make some headpieces for them,” she says. “I made the captain hats without thinking it would be a big hit.”

Each design is painstakingly done by hand and depending on the style and details it can take Lorena up to eight hours or more to finish, “the first deluxe hat I made took me around twelve hours after that I managed to do it faster.”

Not only does she want to make her creations special, but she also  wants them to be affordable.

“I like to make hats under 200 dollars,” said Lorena. “I like making the captain hats the most , 'cause they are more affordable  and versatile to my clients and they can wear them for pool parties, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, festivals, birthdays, Halloween, New Years, and so on.”

Hale Media’s own Johnathan Hale was impressed with Lorena’s designs so she made one for him to celebrate his publication SDPIX using his company logo as inspiration. She says she wanted this design to be elegant and unique.

“I always want to create something to reflect the personality of my clients. My goal is to build a community by connecting people around the world, knowing they have individual Fabhats at the events; someone in Belgium, France, or Canada wearing them is like the world is full of opportunities to us all.”

Her creations are also very durable. She says some hats she made four years ago are still in perfect, wearable condition.

The artist’s signature works are of course her hats, but we wondered is she would take her craft to the next level and make other accessories, “I’m planning to make new collection with  top hats/steampunk style.”

Her crowning achievements may be pretty and fun to look at, but Lorena says there is much more than just sequins and beads that go into creating them.

She wants to celebrate the uniqueness of the person underneath them.

“Fabhats is here to express your personality by being different in this world,"  she said. “It’s a reflection of themselves they haven’t managed from  regular clothes and normal wear--a new way of fashion from a regular day of Sunday Funday to a special event when you wanna stand out in the crowd.”

She adds: "Because we’re all unique and ready to shine."

Her motto "Be fabulous" not only represents her unique style and the people who wear them, but the very community in which they are seen; Hillcrest. 

For more information on Fabhats click HERE or head to the Facebook page HERE.