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Trans man calls out comedian Sampson McCormick after stand-up act

Sampson McCormick gets chewed out after stand-up set by trans man offended by his set.
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Sampson McCormick - Facebook

Gay funnyman Sampson McCormick’s job is to make people laugh, but recently his jokes offended one transgender man so badly, the man waited for him after the set to discuss the material.

On Sunday, the African American comedian posted in his Facebook page that he had just come off stage after a particularly successful set where he discussed gay men getting pregnant. He says the topic seemed funny.

“I could see episodes of Maury,” he writes, “before the paternity test results get read ‘Wait a minute, Maury. Before you read those results, I can't be the daddy, because I'm not even a TOP!’”

All seemed fine, the show went well, but there was one man at the meet-and-greet who wasn't amused.

Sampson prides himself on being deliberately inclusive, however as with most successful comedians he admits he isn’t always politically correct, but he says he's not a jerk either.

The comedian says after this particular show, he saw an impatient man “tapping his toes, and looking at his watch, rolling his eyes, huffing and puffing.”

After a rather lengthy approach, he says the man pulled out a note pad from his back pocket with a list of things he found “problematic” with the comedian’s stand-up routine.

Here Sampson recalls the key points of the man's criticism, with his personal thoughts in parenthesis: 

The man listed: “One: Making too many ethnic references," Sampson writes.“Two: Using the word bitch to reference Donald Trump (because although we don't like him, we can't use violent language to express our frustrations); and Three: Jokes about gay men getting pregnant are problematic because (then he introduced himself as trans) and explained that it's problematic because as a trans-man. He can get pregnant.”

Sampson says he didn’t agree with the man’s assessment, but he understood his feelings. He explained his writing is based on his personal experience and that comedy is subjective.

To that, Sampson said the man then warned him to check his “privilege.”  

"You transitioned from a white woman into a white man,” snapped Sampson in response.

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reached out to Sampson about the exchange. He says there are a few things that bothered him about the conversation. 

"The hardest part of dealing with that, was somebody being so concerned about me getting pregnant as a gay man!" he said.

"I was gonna get ghetto and respond 'BUT IS YOU HELPING ME TAKE CARE OF THE BABY?!' Proof that I've been watching too much Maury, and the fact that through it all, I'm able to maintain a sense of humor.

"Something that I'm worried many people are losing the ability to do, and what's life without humor? I think we've lost the ability to laugh, think, dialogue or have important conversations, all because we're so offended by everything. And that's not a fun or real world to live in, and it keeps your blood pressure high and you passive aggressive, because of all that pent up shit you wanna get off your chest, but can't, because 'You're gonna hurt somebody's feelings.'"

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