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'We Exist' documentary features SDPD officer Christine Garcia

SDPD officer Christine Garcia is featured in new documentary about trans heroes.
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“We Exist”

Documentary film maker Isley Reust is trying to educate the public about the lives of influential transgender men and women around the world. The focus is less on what people see on the outside, rather the intricate details and feelings these folks have to deal with on the inside.

“We Exist” is a 10 episode documentary series hosted by Ruest and directed by Tony Minas. 

The series gets up close and personal with transgender professionals in the military, law enforcement, fire rescue and medical fields.

In its inaugural season, “We Exist” showcases San Diego’s own trans hero, police officer Christine Garcia.

Garcia not only risks her life keeping the streets of San Diego safe every day, she also helps those who may be in need of support in their personal life by talking with them and encouraging them to carry on. 

The road was tumultuous for Garcia she revels in the trailer. She came out as transgender while in the force because she could feel her professional and family relationships starting to go "downhill."

Her own community is sometimes unsympathetic to her plight, not because she is trans, but because she works as a police officer.

Last week the officer was subject to derogatory slurs by radical trans activists who attended the Trans Day of Empowerment event at The San Diego LGBT Community Center (The Center).

“We Exist” hopes to delve into the lives of the folks who are brave enough to come out and allow them to tell their own stories of empowerment with in their professions and personal lives.