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Uber's new ad; a gay meet-cute

New Philippine Uber ad is a testament to the awkwardness of encountering a crush.
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Not tHe t.V - YouTube

Uber’s roll out in the Philippines came with a commercial about unexpected encounters while sharing a ride with a stranger.

The video, now viewed more than 2 million times features a young man who uses the UberPool option to get to where’s he’s going, but an unexpected passenger creates a little anxiety for the duration of the trip.

Pink News says that the spot is actually based on a real-life experience of AJ Tabangay.

AJ used social media to document the encounter in real-time, asking follwers for their advice. 

The spoiler here is that the other passenger is actually a man AJ has had a crush on for years and now they are sitting side-by-side.

By the end, both passengers have a meet-cute and the slogan, “Because sometimes, it’s more than just a ride,” appears on the screen, adding “It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for.”

For the most part ridesharing apps have tried to support the LGBT community in their promotions.

There have been a few reports over the years of anti-LGBT drivers stopping a ride and asking the passengers to get out.

This is something both Lyft and Uber do not support.

In 2015, Oklahoma passed a bill that would have allowed Uber drivers to discriminate against the LGBT community, but the company implicitly denounced the proposal.

“Uber’s policy is to serve every neighborhood, every driver and every person who needs a ride,” an Uber company spokeswoman told the AP back then, saying the company will continue to enforce its current terms of service, “which make clear that discrimination in any form is not tolerated and will result in removal from the platform,” she said.

You can watch the new ad below: