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Racy football tattoo brings the wrath of social media upon tattoo artist

This tattoo caused a flurry of criticism after artist posted to her social media page.
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alisharice - Instagram

A tattoo artist in Denver Colorado wasn’t expecting her social feed to explode with homophobic vitriol after she inked a client with an image of a man wearing Green Bay Packer legend Aaron Rodgers' jersey. 

The image portrays the player clad only in a jock strap and crop-topped team jersey.

Inkstress, Alisha Rice was subject to many offensive comments after she shared her work online.

“What in tarnation is this gay ass sh*t? This is what y’all do up in Wisconsin? Don’t even look like his face and that helmet is severely f**ked. This some homo ass sh*t,” wrote one person in her feed according to the Huffington Post.

Another posted, “The gayest tattoo ever. I’m sure A rod don’t want this shit on anyone.” 

Of course the artist wasn’t looking for any of the attention, she says she was just following what her client instructed. And so far the accolades have out-weighed the negativity. 

“The idea for the tattoo was a combination of the client wanting a traditional American style male pinup and a Packers tattoo,” Rice, a 25-year tattoo veteran told The Huffington Post. She says the man in the image isn't necessarily supposed to be Rodgers and that, “particular jersey was selected because [he] is a football legend and the client admires him as a player and as a person.”

In an effort to challenge those who criticized her initial photo, Alisha post another one a few days later

She asserts that the image of the player is not an implication to Rodgers' sexuality and was only an “ode” to the team.

However, since the controversy she wonders why some are okay with women being portrayed in the same way without major disapproval. 

“If anyone has an issue with the tattoo I’d challenge them to ask themselves why and reflect on the apparent double standard regarding the sexualization of the male and female forms.”

Alisha Rice tattoos at Think Tank Tattoo in Denver, Colorado. For more from her, check out her Instagram page here.