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Play featuring Adam and Steve will go on in Atlanta despite protest

From a 2010 production at the Eldred Theater in Ohio.
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www.flickr.com - From a 2010 production at the Eldred Theater in Ohio.

A theater company in Georgia has decided to address the biblical question of Adam and Steve in their production of a controversial play. 

Out Front Theater Company based in Atlanta, is currently rehearsing  “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told," a play that opened Off Broadway in 1998. 

Written by playwright Paul Rudnick, the comedy is narrated not only by characters Adam and Steve but their counterparts Jane and Mabel as well.

However not everyone is laughing at this production, and have made it known they disapprove. 

The company says that people have been calling them and blasting their social media messages with negative comments starting on March 27. 

“We had already been in rehearsals for several weeks and had auditions before that,” Paul Conroy, the Out Front Theatre’s artistic director told The New York Times, "I guess that’s just when someone found us and my best guess was that it was a Monday."

He adds, “Which means that people were at church on Sunday the day before, and that’s when it picked up steam.”

The main criticisms seem to be coming from America Needs Fatima, a Catholic organization who has posted a petition on their website claiming that the production is “blasphemous” and “a vile insult to the Mother God.”

The petition has already garnered over 43,000 signatures, but Conroy says despite the objections from the group the show will go on.

The company was delighted to get a letter of support from Rudnick himself, who praised them for not giving into pressure.

“The play has always attracted a certain amount of controversy, mostly from people who haven’t read or seen the play, like the Fatima organization,” He wrote. “Blessedly, all sorts of people, gay and straight, and everyone from atheists to the most devout, most often end up truly enjoying themselves once they’re in the audience.

“From everything I’ve heard, you’re doing wonderful work. Thank you so much and please give my best to everyone involved.

“You sound pretty fabulous!”