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Lady Gaga surprises fans with new single at Coachella

Lady Gaga treats surprised fans to a new single called "The Cure" at Coachella.
Photo credit:
Alex Van - YouTube

A few months ago, Coachella ticket pass holders expecting to see Beyoncé perform were almost surprised to find out the pregnant Queen B had to cancel her appearance at the desert music festival, and Lady Gaga stepped in to take her place.

Those who didn’t immediately hawk their tickets and decided to attend anyway got a special treat from Mama Monster on Saturday as she surprised everyone by dropping a new single.

Called “The Cure,” it was slipped in between her popular favorites, giving attendees a special treat.

Many have applauded the new song as a return to Gaga’s pop-synth, dance heavy past which she subdued in her latest album “Joanne,” a passion project that forewent dancefloor anthems in lieu of more dive bar-country rock and roll.

Fans who watched the performance on YouTube seem to be pleased thus far with the new tune:

“Sounds like from The Fame album!” – Jessica Perrie

“the joanne voice but the lady gaga beat” – POP ART

“hope she releases a good pop album that smashes the radios and clubs like she used to years ago, Joanne was really good but also had bad songs and no possible hits at all, well just Dancin In Circles sounds like it could become a hit but it wasn't even single.” – Lucas Alejandro

At the end of her live performance Gaga told the crowd that “The Cure” in now available on iTunes and other streaming music services.

You can watch her Coachella performance of “The Cure” below: