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Television actor Daniel Newman comes out

Daniel Newman comes out and asks people to not be afraid to do the same.
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Horror serial “The Walking Dead” may seem like an unlikely place for LGBT support, but the show has constantly held its own when it comes to portraying strong gay characters and respectful story arcs.

Yesterday actor Daniel Newman who plays Daniel on the zombie action epic came out on Twitter.

“I'm #OUTandPROUD #LGBT Love you guys. Be proud to be yourself. We need everyone just the way you are! I'll chat with you guys tonight.”

He followed up that tweet with an inspiring and heartfelt video on YouTube saying it was time for him to be truthful and announce that he is gay.

The handsome red-haired action hero says he grew up in an Irish-Catholic family and his reluctance to come out wasn’t about homophobia but people minding their own business, keeping bedroom activities “private.”

“Now is not the time anymore, to keep it private,” he explains in the video, “Everybody needs you, I need you, we all need you.

Trying to keep the video about himself and not about politics, Newman does acknowledge that the current administration has slowly been stripping people of their rights, despite positive changes in the community for the past eight years.

“Who are the easiest people to take rights from?” he asks. “People who are invisible. People that are staying silent.”

Newman has starred in many television shows over the past two decades including “One Tree Hill,” “Heroes,” and “Homeland” to name a few.

He also took the opportunity to make a call to action for others to follow his lead. He commends people who have forged the way for the rest of the community to be strong and proud in that face of difficulty.

“So whatever with my career is going to happen is going to happen but I’m standing with you guys and I hope you join this: #OutandProud right now.”