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Disneyland's 'Autopia' gets a cute upgrade

ASIMO and Bird accompany drivers in an upgraded Autopia at Disneyland.
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ASIMO - Twitter

The Utopia attraction at Disneyland may have been the first time we ever got to sit behind the wheel of an automobile and actually “drive” it.

These gas powered convertibles had an accelerator pedal which let out a bombastic muffler stock noise every time you pressed it as you made your way through a landscape of trees and over bridges while trying your best not to give into the temptation and bang into the driver in front of you.

Autopia has been a part of the Disneyland visage since it first opened in 1955, and this March it got a little facelift with two added characters.

Robotics charmer ASIMO, or Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility and his metal dove-tailed friend Bird have joined the terrain in a new storyline that plays out through your casual drive through Tomorrowland.

The white humanoid ASIMO is a product of Honda and made appearances in the park’s Tomorrowland Theater for a decade beginning in 2005.

On the other hand his energetic sidekick Bird is an original character made exclusively for this adventure.

Honda has since upgraded the cars to a more fuel-efficient and less-noisy version of the originals, but the feeling is still the same for kids taking the steering wheel for the first time and having mom or dad press the gas pedal because their legs are just a smidgen too short.

The new "Autopia-powered by Honda" is now open for drivers to enjoy at Disneyland.