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Shirtless Violinist responds to Disney haters with 'Beast' of his own

The "Shirtless Violinist" has his own gay moment in this version of "Beauty and the Beast."
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YouTube - Shirtless Violinist

This may be the first gay Disney fairy tale and an answer to the whole “Beauty and the Beast” controversy surrounding the live action redux which was released last week.

This newest video from the classical musician known as the “Shirtless Violinist” takes place in a ballroom as the artist takes bow in-hand to perform the namesake title track from the popular fairy tale.

A spying prince peeks through the door frame and instantly becomes enchanted by the shirtless musician.

Not knowing what to do, the prince decides to dress in a ball gown to hopefully woo the hunky instrumental “beast” with a dance before the last petal of the cursed rose hits its pedestal.

But this string-loving exhibitionist has a surprise for us and our royal drag queen. Will they live happily ever after? 

Disney recently pulled Beauty and the Beast from Malaysian distribution instead of having them censor out the so-subtle-it's-barely-there gay moment.