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Trans singer's beautiful song of inclusion gets over 1 million hits

Rizi Xavier Timane says "Love is all We Need" through Trump administration
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YouTube - Xavier R

Transgender singer and activist Dr. Rizi Xavier Timane, has created a video which showcases the need for people to come together with a single, simple message of love.

“Love Is All We Need” has become a viral sensation on YouTube with over 1 million hits and counting. The tune depicts several people in the societal spectrum from trans folks and gay people to men and women of color.

“Love is all we need to heal us, love is all we need to make us one,” sings Rizi in the video.

With the recent presidential election, Rizi, an immigrant himself,  is deeply disturbed by legislative efforts to build walls further marginalizing certain groups of the world.

“Honesty is a key issue with this President,” said Rizi. “Bullying and distractions are taking our eyes off of what is happening.”

The song elaborates on the need for inclusion. Rizi says the current administration is trying to divide people, but there is a power even stronger than theirs. 

“The president has, through his policies on trans rights, planned parenthood (hence women's rights), immigrant rights and the Muslim ban, alienated almost every demographic in the country other than white male Americans and more love for our neighbors as we love ourselves is needed.”

Rizi has recently published a memoir, and in it dedicates a whole chapter with ten ways people can embrace diversity rather than decry it.

“There's so much division, fear and condemnation," said Rizi. "And truly Love is all we need to see the country through this divisive administration.”