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Pastor says gay man turned straight after eating holy cake

Pastor Lance Wallnau says blessed cake turned gay bar owner straight.
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Christian bakeries that won’t spend the time baking cakes for same-sex weddings may be losing money when they don’t need to be, especially if they believe a recent story by Pastor Lance Wallnau who claims an “anointed” cake saved a gay bar owner.

Wallnau, an evangelical leader, went on periscope and by his own admission claimed that his half-baked story is “crazy,” but he goes on to tell it anyway, keeping everything anonymous of course.

The way he tells it is an anti-Christian bar owner had several former prostitutes as patrons. These delivered ladies of the night sought to “save” the bar owner from eternal damnation and got an idea to bake him a cake, but added prayers to the recipe.

“It was an anointed cake,” Wallnau said, “and they made the cake and gave it as a gift. And when he ate the cake … the power of God hit him.”

In the last layer of Wallnau’s story, he claims that said bar owner instantly turned straight, got baptized and, “the spirit that was working him got broken off.”

Conversion therapy is no laughing matter, but if someone can allegedly be turned straight without going through aggressive religious therapy sessions or psychological palaver, we should echo the words often attributed to Marie Antoinette: “Let them eat cake.”