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Goodbye 'Copa,' Urban Mo's getting a dancefloor overhaul

Urbam Mo's is getting a facelift.
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Mo's Bar and Grill - Facebook

Mo’s Bar and Grill is undergoing some changes.

The popular nightclub and eatery recently posted a picture on their Facebook page showing work being done on the interior.

An accompanying photo also shows the Copa Bar on the western wall is being shuttered.

“Cheers to many years of fabulous cocktails, but it's time this dance floor got an upgrade!” reads the caption underneath the picture.

Since 1992 (back then it was a part of the Hamburger Mary’s Franchise), Urban Mo’s has been a fixture of Hillcrest, offering food, cocktails, dancing and special events. In 2006, the owners gave Mary's a sex change, christening it Urban Mo's. 

In its 25 years at 308 University Ave. the hotspot has undergone some alterations.

In 2011, Mo’s had a major overhaul, extending its patio and bar area, opening up the space for more natural lighting and better traffic flow.

One unexpected repair happened last September, when two eighty-sixed female guests returned to the restaurant later and hurled rocks through the glass entryway doors.

Mo's is keeping hush-hush over what exactly the changes will be, saying only all will be revealed at the 25th Anniversary event on Tuesday, April 25.

They write on Facebook: "Get ready Hillcrest! Something new is coming at Urban MO's! Stay tuned for more of our facelift updates!!! We've got so many new changes coming very soon!"  

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