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Voting can bring San Diego Zoo up to number one

Currently San Diego Zoo sits at #5 in USA Today's tourism list.
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San Diego Zoo

San Diego is known for many things: its bustling LGBT community, its beautiful beaches and of course The San Diego Zoo.

America’s Finest City also has one of the world’s best animal conservations. In fact, San Diego Zoo's animal exhibits have won many awards and it gets high praise for its efforts on animal protection.

USA Today conducts its 10Best survey, compiling some of the country’s best tourist attractions and ranking them from one to ten.

Currently, USA Today readers have placed San Diego Zoo at number five, just above Forth Worth Zoo and beneath Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in South Carolina.

But not to worry proud San Diegans, there is still time to vote for The San Diego Zoo and bring that ranking up to where it should be: number one.

The San Diego Zoo holds the world’s most diverse collection of animals. They boast the biggest population of Koala Bears outside Australia and an impressive collection of elephants with an innovative pachyderm care center.

This year the zoo will celebrate their largest expansion yet with “Africa Rocks,” containing a varied collection of animals from penguins to lemurs and African birds.

If you want to boost San Diego’s ranking in USA Today’s 10 Best list, you can vote HERE.