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DJ dirtyKURTY makes her debut at 'Outlaw' this Thursday

"Outlaw" at Uptown Tavern welcomes DJ Kurty
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DJ Dirty Kurty - Facebook

Outlaw on Thursday night just got a whole lot better, as DJ dirtyKURTY takes over the sound station to keep the party going with her unique style and special blends.

 Known around Hillcrest, DJ dirtyKURTY is a highly sought-after music entertainer who gives an extra special nuance to her craft, one which keeps audiences coming back for more.

It’s no wonder SDPIX hand-picked her to keep the mood festive in all the right places at Outlaw.

DJ dirtyKURTY says she is excited about her debut at Outlaw at Uptown Tavern. For one thing, it’s an intimate space and that makes it extra special for both her and her fans.

“The environment at Uptown is smaller than a regular club and I’m excited to be able to connect with the community,” she said.

The artist has a good outlook for 2017, especially after having suffered through some losses of her own.

“2016 has been a harder year for most people including myself and music and this community are both things that have really gotten me through it,” she said.

Almost like having a psychology degree for the soul, DJ dirtyKURTY stirs emotions in people. She says it’s all a part of a musical storyline she comes up with to bring her audience together.

“Like most of my performances, I'll be taking people on a journey through sound,” she said. “Music is something that uplifts and connects people and I cannot wait to be a part of that with everyone!”

Of course, along with DJ dirtyKURTY there will be other special guests to keep the energy high at Outlaw, including go-go boys, and specialty cocktails. 

Both Alana Charms and Gro Tesqua will keep the partiers in sync with the energy of the night.

And don’t break the circuit after 11 pm. The party continues at Flicker at Flicks until closing with more live entertainment, go-go boys and drink specials.

Outlaw at Uptown Tavern is from 8 pm to 11 pm every Thursday.

Flicker at Flicks is  from 10 pm to close. 

Uptown Tavern is located at 1236 University Ave, San Diego, 92103. 

Flicks is located at 1017 University Ave, San Diego, 92103.