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Marston Point in Balboa Park, a part of San Diego's gay history

Marston Point is an important part of San Diego's LGBT history.
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Marston Point in Balboa Park has a long and sordid LGBT history. It was there that many men sought the comfort of others in illegal sexual activities long before the age of Grindr, and Scruff.

The area, mostly cruised by men was a place to quench the carnal appetite during the 50’s and 60’s, a time when such desires may have landed you in jail, or worse.

The circular geometry of the Balboa Drive and Eighth Avenue was affectionately called the “Fruit Loop” by those who utilized its services.

Those activities eventually led to the closure of the public restroom and paring down the two-way street into only one direction.

Recently an art project offered by artist Kate Clark and Lambda Archives sought to enlighten people to that part of San Diego’s history through an ongoing project called Parkeology.

Clark delves deep into the public landscape, unearthing stories about their pasts and, since 2015 has focused her sights on Balboa Park.

The Marston Point project was her latest instillation which showcased several parked cars with audio stories about San Diego’s cruising culture.

Recently, Kinsee Morlan a journalist from Voice of San Diego, attended the installation and learned a lot about, not only “Fruit Loop’s” history, but the people and plights of those who would frequent it.

You can hear her audio report by clicking HERE.