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Adult star Matthew Rush on battery charge: He 'ran into my forearm'

Porn star Matthew Rush claims his ex "ran into his forearm" during domestic dispute.
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Adult star Matthew Rush, nee Gregory Grove, is being charged with domestic violence toward his ex-boyfriend.

During a heated dispute, the two men became physical with one another.

Originally, Rush claimed that he punched his ex in self-defense, but has changed that story to say that the ex-boyfriend “ran into his forearm.”

In a police report posted by the NSFW site Str8upgayporn, the arresting officer says that the two men had been involved with each other but after a recent break-up remained roommates. 

Originally it was documented that the ex was being forceful by shoving Grove out of the house causing Grove to punch him in the mouth and making his lips bleed.

Contrary to that, the police report states: “but during the recorded statement said that [name withheld] ran into his forearm and that is how his mouth got injured.”  

Grove was released from Broward County jail on his own recognizance and is currently awaiting pretrial.