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Taco shop, speakeasy combo coming to Hillcrest

New restaurant "Lebertad Tacos" to open in Hillcrest this spring..
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San Diego Eater

A neighborhood bistro and taco shop are moving into Hillcrest reports The San Diego Eater.

The Cohn Group is taking their popular Bo-Beau (Bohemian – Beautiful) concept and opening it on University Avenue which will replace the 100 Wines that closed last fall.

The idea behind Bo-Beau+cache is to create a more relaxed atmosphere in the dining room. A popular iteration of the concept is already in operation in Ocean Beach, Le Mesa and Long Beach.

Next door to that will be Libertad Tacos a la Brasa also owned by the Cohn Group, and will feature a bright and inviting décor with an open kitchen and items cooked in a Caja China oven.

Connecting the two spaces is the “cache” part of the project which is a speakeasy located through a back entrance in the Mexican restaurant.

“The upscale 50-seat bar will be filled with vintage chandeliers and olive trees, with walls papered in antique vellum and decorated with a large-scale mural of one of French artist Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec’s most iconic works,” The Eater reports.

Both projects and the adjoining speakeasy are predicted to open in early spring.